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Elle Pedri

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Elle Pedri grew up in Cameroon, imbibing and penning stories from an early age, and saving all her pocket money to buy books. Her writing journey echoes Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s brilliant Ted Talk about the danger of a single story. Today, Elle writes stories featuring complex female of color protagonists who (re)claim their senses of agency and their rightful places in the world. Because of her background in science and law, she enjoys dusting off large tomes to unearth the gems that will ignite her creative side. Her dream vacation is a trip to a historical site for exploration and abundant writing time. When she’s not lawyering or writing, she often runs, bakes from a box, or monitors the cleanup of proliferating Lego bricks. She is currency querying a historical fiction manuscript titled THE WILTING INHERITANCE.

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